7.Sınıf İngilizce 2.Dönem 2.Yazılı Testini Çöz

Anasayfa 7.Sınıf İngilizce 2.Dönem 2.Yazılı Testi Çöz

2019-2020 Eğitim-Öğretim Yılı 7. Sınıf İngilizce 2. Dönem 2. Yazılı Sınav Testini Çöz

Aşağıda 20 sorudan oluşan 7.Sınıf İngilizce 2.Dönem 2.Yazılı yoklama Testini cevaplayınız.

Soruyu çözüp cevabınızın hemen kontrol ediniz. Her soruda doğru şıkkı işaretleyip "Cevabı göster"e tıklayınız.

Soru 1-
Jack : .................. ?
Bernard : I will be very rich and buy houses in a big city.
A. Where is your new house
B. Why do you live in a big city
C. How much does a house cost
D. What’s your dream for future
Önce bir şıkkı işaretlemelisin.
Soru 2- My parents will - - - -. I passed all the exams.
A. be very proud
B. study very hard
C. get angry with me
D. graduate from the school
Soru 3- Julia drank cold drinks yesterday, and now she feels bad. She ............ .
A. can go to school
B. should see a doctor
C. will be a nurse in the future
D. must believe in superstitions
Soru 4- You are planning a camping event for the weekend and want to invite your cousin. What do you say to learn his weekend plans?
A. Why will you stay at home?
B. Who will you go camping with?
C. What will you do at the weekend?
D. When will you accept my invitation?
Soru 5- Matt often ............ because he is interested in animals.
A. goes to the zoo
B. buys fresh meat
C. calls police station
D. visits the art gallery
Soru 6- When you need some medicine because of an illness, you ........ .
A. can have a rest
B. must eat fresh fruit
C. should eat healthy food
D. should go to the chemist’s
Soru 7- Karışık olarak verilen cümlelerin anlamlı bir bütün oluşturacak şekilde sıralandığı seçeneği işaretleyiniz.
I. He was Elton John, the musician.
II. We shook our hands and said good bye.
III. He signed one of his albums for me.
IV. I saw a celebrity yesterday at the café.
A. I - II - III - IV
B. III - IV - I - II
C. II - I - IV - III
D. IV - I - III - II
Soru 8- Sam makes bread. He is a ........... .
A. waiter
B. baker
C. chef
D. cook
Soru 9- Molly is good at drawing pictures of flowers and nature. She usually organizes exhibitions at the ......... .
A. florists
B. theatre
C. art gallery
D. greengrocer’s
Soru 10- I will go to the .......... and buy some short stories. Because my little sister enjoys them very much.
A. amusement park
B. bookshop
C. toy store
D. library
Soru 11- You should go to the ........... and pay taxes.
A. government
B. municipality
C. police station
D. travel agency
Soru 12- People destroy forests for many reasons so - - - -.
A. it harms sea life
B. oceans get dirty
C. wildlife disappears
D. we pollute the environment
Soru 13-
7. sınıf ingilizce 2. dönem 2. yazılı
Verilen görseli ifade eden seçeneği işaretleyiniz.
A. We must plant trees
B. We should save energy
C. We have to ride bicycles
D. We should use public transportation
Soru 14-
7. sınıf ingilizce 2. dönem 2. yazılı
A. Pick up your rubbish
B. Keep off the grass
C. Feed the animals
D. Turn off the taps
Soru 15-
Jason : Pollution is a big problem in big cities. - - - -?
Sally : We can use public transport, cycle or walk.
A. Where were you yesterday
B. What does pollution mean
C. Where can we move
D. What should we do
Soru 16- For a Healthy Environment:
• Recycle objects.
• Save energy.
• ..................... .
A. Take photographs
B. Don’t cycle or walk
C. Use filters in factories
D. Don’t use eco-friendly products
Soru 17- Görsellerde ilgili seçeneklerde verilen ifadelerden hangisi yanlıştır?
7. sınıf ingilizce 2. dönem 2. yazılı
A.       B.       C.       D.
Soru 18- We call all the working or dead artificial objects in space as - - - -.
A. satellites
B. lunar module
C. orbital debris
D. dwarf planets
Soru 19- The solar system is made up of - - - -.
A. a few satellites
B. the sun and planets
C. a bunch of space junk
D. a lot of artificial objects
Soru 20- Which one is correct?
7. sınıf ingilizce 2. dönem 2. yazılı
A. Mercury is larger than Mars.
B. The Earth is smaller than Jupiter.
C. Jupiter is closer to the sun than Venus.
D. Venus is farther to the sun than Neptune.
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